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Grigio Striato

Grigio Striato grey Marble tiles showcase a graceful interplay of grey and white shades. The soft layers of these hues create a calming visual effect, making every tile a piece of serene elegance. Grigio Striato beautifully enhances living areas, and graces elegant bathroom settings with a touch of sophistication. Welcome the world of Grigio Striato grey Marble tiles, where elegance meets everyday living. Marble embodies classical elegance with its distinct veining, creating a luxurious atmosphere. Despite its opulence, marble proves versatile, beautifully adorning both traditional and contemporary interiors.

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  • Super White

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    Colour: Grey

    Approximate Size: 3060 x 1700

    Thickness: 20mm

    Finish: Polished

    Material: Dolomite

    Batch No: 825-1D

  • Arcalane

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    Colour: Grey

    Approximate Size: 3020 x 1570

    Thickness: 30mm

    Finish: Polished

    Material: Basalt & Bluestone

    Batch No: 333-1B

  • Harvard Grey

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    Colour: Grey

    Approximate Size: 3190 x 1920

    Thickness: 20mm

    Finish: Leather

    Material: Quartzite

    Batch No: 1033-3Q

  • Firestone

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    Colour: Grey

    Approximate Size: 3180 x 1660

    Thickness: 20mm

    Finish: Honed

    Material: Quartzite

    Batch No: 1158-3Q



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